Bears in the Bush

A Little About Me                                     

My name is Linda Benson. I live and work deep in the Tasmanian bush with wildlife right at the door. I have a Diploma of Fine Art majoring in Textiles, in which I specialised in weaving and embroidery. I have been making and selling bears for about 25 years. At first they were simple teddy bears for small people, but I soon discovered that big people were buying them for themselves! That's when I discovered the world of collectable bears and in particular the existence of arctophiles, and my bears changed from the simple toys they once were, and evolved to become creatures with wonderful animation and soul. There have been great changes in the world of bears since those early days; we have available to us a beautiful array of fabrics and other materials and these inspire me to create the bears that you will see in the Photo Gallery. I feel so lucky that I can work at something I love, with my beautiful dogs for company and inspiration, and that my creations bring joy to the lives of others. I hope you enjoy visiting my bears and if you have any enquiries please don't hesitate to contact me.


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