Mainly Pandas Mainly Pandas Chi Chi Chi Chi is made from luxurious long pile alpaca, he has armatured arms and legs and his body is softly filled with pellets added for extra weight and cuddliness. He's about 15" from head to toe. He is available to order and costs $650.00 (Au) 19618375 Chi Chi Measuring 15" from head to toe Chi Chi has armatured arms and legs so he's quite poseable. Along with his luxuriously long alpaca fur he has a softly filled body which makes him very cuddlesome 18753639 Miniature Pandas A little handful. These miniatures are made from long pile upholstery velvet and are available in a variety of colours. They have a cotter pin head joint, and string jointed limbs. They measure a mere 6cm from head to toe, made to order, $190.00 each (Au) 17846593 Miniature Panda Open edition, made to order, details as above 17847501 Su Lin OOAK Panda, adopted 17847483 Miniature Mum and Cub Open edition, available in a range of colours. The mother measures 5cm at the shoulder and 8cm nose to tail. Made to order, $225.00 (Au) For the set. 17847477 Miniature Mum and Cub Open edition, available in a range of colours. Made to order. 17847485 Bo Open edition, alpaca bear. Bo stands at 6" (15cm), he has sculpted ultrasuede paws and feet and an open mouth. Made to order, $185.00 (Au) 17847478 Mei Lin Small alpaca panda, no longer available, though a similar limited edition bear is available exclusively from Teddy Bears of Witney in England 17847484 Mei Mei Open edition, mohair panda. Mei Mei is a sweet faced panda with sculpted and subtley coloured paws and feet. Measures 30cm (12")Made to order, $500.00 (Au) 17847479 Buloh Large, realistic bear. Made to order in a variety of beautiful mohairs and alpacas. Buloh is a big bear standing at 171/2" nose to tail and 13" at the shoulder, he has beautiful appliqued and sculpted leather pads on his feet and extensive needle sculpting to create the character in his face. Made to order, $900.00 - $1,000 (Au) depending on the fabric used. 17917590 Chan Chan Small alpaca Panda, open edition. Measuring 12cm (5") this little panda is packed with features, beautiful sculpted feet and paws, open mouth with tongue and armatured arms. His tummy is filled with stainless steel shot so he has a nice solid weight to him. Made to order, $250.00 (Au) 17847486 Chan Chan (brown) Small alpaca Panda, open edition. Made to order. Details as above. 17847480 Freddy Small alpaca bear in hand spun and handwoven trousers, open edition. Freddy stands 18cm (7"), he has an open mouth, and sculpted paws and feet. Made to order, $220.00 (Au) 17847487 Jiao Jiao Open edition, mohair and silk blend Panda, Jiao Jiao measures 30cm (12"), he has beautifully sculpted paws and feet and feels luxurious in this beautiful silk blend. Made to order, $500.00 (Au) 17919072