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I'm proud to offer my unique bears as one of a kind, limited, and open editions. I also conduct workshops in my own specialised bearmaking techniques. I offer these all over Australia, and have recently also taught in England and New Zealand. If you are interested in learning special techniques and can gather together a group of 10 or so students, contact me wherever you are and we may be able to organise a workshop.Teaching is what I love most; it gives me great joy to see how happy people are when they have created their own Benson Bear. They can then take their newly learned skills home with them to use in their own bearmaking. Over the many years that I have been making bears, I have taught myself many new techniques to achieve what I'm after in a bear, and these I happily pass on to students in my workshops. That is what's so great about this wonderful craft of bearmaking, there is never one "right" way of doing something and you can learn something new in every workshop!  I have also had numerous works published in Australian Bear Creations magazine; these have been projects for bears and also step by step instructions for specific techniques in which the editor feels that I am particularly conversant.

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Happy participants in a recent Benson Bears workshop, organised by Susan Davies of Bear Basics in Henstridge, Somerset, UK. (That's me in the green top in the middle of the group, in case you're curious!)